The Oniric Geometry

Alkemic Generator

EBM, Darkwave
Released 2013 by Nilaihah Records

Formed in late 2012, Alkemic Generator are a trio based in Italy and are slowly increasing their live gigs around Europe and hope to expand upon that. Members Leo C. and Kinky (guitars, programming, keyboards) and vocalist/lyricist Sanja Aveic come together to combine EBM/darkwave beats and sounds and an operatic style of vocal.

But don't think that simply means opera over EBM. The female vocals are strong and have a depth and resonance of opera without being opera. Confused? Well, I have to admit that reading the bio before listening to the debut album 'The Oniric Geometry' had me a little concerned at what I was about to hear. Thankfully all fears were nonexistent after the first go through of the album.

The album is 16 tracks including 3 remixes and runs at just over 70 minutes. There are a few slower tracks that guide you through and make the flow of the album work very well for the listener.

Rolling basslines, hard edge beats, guitar stabs, sequenced melodies and patterns, become the base for the Sanja's vocal range to expand upon along with strong deep strings. It sounds like a lot to bring together and it could turn out to be messy and too full of ideas to work well. But Alkemic Generator have done an outstanding job and all the tracks have a dramatic energetic quality to them.

There are few tracks that remind me of Propaganda in that they are full and complex without smothering you in sound and noise. Having a strong female vocal really completes the songs and gives them the dramatic feel required to make the album work so well.

The remixes are hit and miss. Rotersand's remix of "Illusion" is simply outstanding and really brings Alkemic Generators ideas to the fore. Sonik Foundry remixes "When We Fall" and while not great it does a fair job. However, the Gothika remix of "Scream" really is disappointing due to the auto tuning and essentially dumbing down of the Sanja's strong solid vocals, which in essence, is what makes Alkemic Generator stand out. But let's move on.

There are some great moments on an already good album. The rolling bassline into a stab filled high pitched vocal break on "Illusion". The drama filled 80's sounding "Nobodys Wife". The deep desperate feel of "Scream" and the violin solo in "Warlies" that brings the track to an end.

"The Oniric Geometry" is full of club worthy tracks and, as an album, can be listened to without being 2 AM in a strobe filled room with other people. Alkemic Generator have done very well for their debut full length release. I'm eager to hear where they go from this point.

Tags: ebm (262), darkwave (100), italy (44), rotersand (9), sonik foundry (3).

18 Nov 2013

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01. Voices Of Devotion
02. When We Fail
03. Illusion
04. Wish
05. Proud Spirit
06. Emotion
07. Erased
08. Nobody's Wife
09. My Karma
10. Maruta
11. Scream
12. Solitude
13. Warlies
14. Illusion (Rotersand RMX)
15. WhenWeFail (SonikFoundry RMX)
16. Scream (Gothika RMX)