Monolog's second release on Ad Noiseam is a mind-blowing, complex album with various outstanding collaborations.With their next album set to release soon, Steve talks to John and Richard of Machinista regarding "Garmonbozia".Patrik reviews Kite's latest EP, 'VI' and it's simply grand.Syd.31 - Blacked Out Chaos.Since overcoming his illness, Steve Moore has joined back with Gustavo De Beauville to bring us a great industrial-metal return with "Revolt". When the world is overrun with technology and out of resources, the world will beckon to breaths of fresh air and spiritual cleanliness from the likes of The Moon and the Nightspirit's "Holdrejtek". Celebrating 30 years of releasing music, Bombshelter's 7" throwback to bands the label's founders were or still are a part of showcases some amazing synthpop and new wave out of Canada. From seeing nothing more than a boy band splattered with a little gore to respecting their musical talents, Steve discusses Death At The Revel and their most recent single.

Album of the Month APRIL 2015

For the second month in a row, we have two album of the month. Two very different albums was battling it out neck and neck to get the first spot.

American Worms of the Earth is no stranger when it comes to winning here at Brutal Resonance, grabbing the Album of the Year #8 back in 2013 with the album 'Azal'ucel'. With 'Sitra Achra', the first Album of the Month is also won.

Kite was also on the Album of the Year list in 2013 with their last EP, 'V', just behind Worms of the Earth on the #10 spot. With their pompous alternative electronic music, 'VI' might be on of their best so far.
March 2015

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