Luke got the chance to chat with Alan Rider of Dance Naked, discussing his move to the Aufnahme + Wiedergabe label as well as his latest release.The Mysterious Freakshow's Fey Pink looms from her dark place and talks to us about the Steampunk foursome. With a bit of commotion circulating her, we got an interview with Sagan, an alternative dance project by the artist of the same name talking of her history with music as well as her forthcoming EP. Andrew finds a companion to his walks and solitude within TenHornedBeast's "Hunts & Wars". The Von Deer Skulls, a folklore loving, family-like unit gave us the time of day to have a nice little chat. Pretty Addicted's latest outing offers an absolute adrenaline rush of blended trance and dark electro, with powerful themes and lyrical content that brings us all back to the darker elements of our childhood. In a double whammy, we have given a review to Avarice in Audio's debut EP, Frostbite, and now we have an interview up featuring the two lovelies behind this Australian act. After some time after their debut release, Steve got the chance to interview Michael Vile of The Vile Augury.

Album of the Month JULY 2014

It's not often a dark ambient get our Album of the Month award. We usually have at least one in the contenders, but this month, Inade brought it home with their amazing album 'Audio Mythology Two'.

Very close was the Death Industrial album 'Maze of Death' from Paranoia Inducta.

A hot summer, a very hot summer indeed.
June 2014

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