Arditi maintains their stance as one of the most influential martial industrial bands to hit the genre, cranking out another fantastic display of ideological dominance in "Imposing Elitism". Ophelia The Suffering brings together both her projects Ecstasphere and Aphexia in a double EP that is simply amazing beyond words.Matthew Adams boldly shouts, "Dark Machine Nation, rise!" in ecstasy as he discusses the birth of his new name and death of his old project. Porya Hatami's "The Garden" is able to move and sway the environment around you to make you feel as if you're set within your very own terrace. Gazelle Twin's manifestation that deals with demons of the past and brings salvation offers a very personal but rewarding experience. We're looking for new writers! Contact us now to be a part of our webzine!XP8's final EP has landed, and this marks the end of the duo. 
<br>And they're going out with a bang.Dope Stars Inc. provide a fast, frenzied ride through guitar riffs and cybernetic segments that eagerly play side by side with their cyberpunk inspired lyrics.

Album of the Month JANUARY 2015

We fire 2015 off with a tie when it comes to Album of the Month. The tie is between Old Europa Cafe's tribute compilation 'Eidolon. A Tribute To Reutoff'. Andrew wrote in his review: "Unlike other tribute compilations that I've heard before, this one has a lot to offer in terms of complexity and general entertainment."

And of course, we also have Amelia Arsenic, who was a member of Angelspit. Steven wrote in his review: "And, fuck me if I haven't found quite one of the most addicting releases of January thus far."
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