7 years since their last release, Mayhem still proves to be on top of the black metal scene with "Esoteric Warfare". Patrik checks out the second EP from the Swedish industrial/EBM band Interdictor, and finds something dirty and oily.With 'It All Stems From The Childhood' releasing three weeks, Steve got an interview with Vicious of Pretty Addicted talking about all sorts of odds and ends.Maze of Death manages to breathe life from its core in this absolutely gorgeous mashup of the Holy, the Unholy, and the prime neutrality of natural sound. Russian duo Obsidian FX gives out some history and future plans in this interview following their well-received album, "Illusions of Darkness". V▲LH▲LL's latest EP transforms a delightful children's song into a witch house creep-fest. The masters are back, welcome the reign of the Dark Gods. In a bit of a subculture support, we've paired with Jennifer Link and Mike Kieffer of Auxiliary Magazine to discuss their history, as well as their recent Kickstarter to launch print subscriptions.

Album of the Month JUNE 2014

Even though Surgyn has recived amazing reviews here at Brutal Resonance over time, they have actually never ended up on our Album of the Month of Album of the Year lists. With 'Envy', this has now been changed and it was about damn time.

Two synthpop albums ended up in the contenders list and also one of the few compilations albums that ever to have the honor of being in that list.
May 2014

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