Having gotten through their latest EP, Steve has a chat with Jim of Preemptive Strike 0.1 to discuss their future plans, and whether or not they'll continue their black metal foray. The hypnotizing breath of the sacred Earth calls you into a spiritual journey in Terra Sancta's "Exile". "The Sound Of The Future" has been dissected already, and now it was time we got a little chat with the mind behind Vieon, Matt Wild. Emerge yourself in a cyber-dystopia that only Vieon can bring out with his masterful sci-fi album "The Sound Of The Future". Boog and Diana of Junksista team up with Jane Badler, the actress best know for her work as the antagonist on the cult classic show "V", to create what Steve calls their best work to date. Dance Naked's DIY punk approach and mingled multi-layered genres still proves to be solid in this previously unreleased studio demos, live tracks, and remastered, almost impossible to find cassette tracks compilation.Northern New Jersey hard beat industrial act Eisdrive talks about his project and its origins with Luke. Have your breath drawn away as you find yourself "Drowning in the Sky".

Album of the Month AUGUST 2014

The Swedish summer has come and gone and now we are looking forward until the Album of the Year countdown in a few months. One of the big candidates for that award is Pretty Addicted with the highly rated album 'It All Stems From Childhood', reviewed by Steven. Dark Electro at its best.

Among our contenders, we find Tangent's ambient piece 'Transience' and also some more of the darker side of Electro with British Cyferdyne.
July 2014

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