Baph Tripp, the solo meister behind X.A.O.S., gives us the dirt on his forthcoming album, as well as diving back into history of the project.Kshatriy enlivens his 2005 material in an attempt to spread out his oldest material to his accumulating fanbase. Beyond The Fallen's debut album shows that they can produce material with style, efficiency, and dark glamour.Biomechanimal's Danny and Matthew have a chat with Steve about their forthcoming debut album and their newly launched IndieGoGo campaign.Zex Model's latest evolution in sound has Luke in an uproar, loving every moment of "First Mutation". Shiv-R's third studio album gains much praise from the mouth of Steve. With Jan Strandqvist's technical expertise superb as always, Frida Madeleine showers you with Angelic chords in Red Mecca's latest release, "Covered With Rain". Having gotten through their latest EP, Steve has a chat with Jim of Preemptive Strike 0.1 to discuss their future plans, and whether or not they'll continue their black metal foray.

Album of the Month SEPTEMBER 2014

With the 2013 album 'LIFE' at our 2nd position of our Album of the Year countdown, expectations where high on Mr. Kitty's album 'TIME', and boy, did he deliver. We most likely have this release as a contender for the Top 5 of this year's countdown.
August 2014

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