From the ashes of The Shanklin Freakshow rises Mr. Strange, a playful and dark humored electrorock band that's not afraid to be funky.If you've never heard of Judda before, now is the time to listen to them.ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse ends the "Themes" trilogy on an absolute high note:"Crimson Peak" is a beautifully shot film with an excellent Gothic setting and acting, but lacks the scares to really make it a masterpiece.Die Sektor's previous three albums have been combined and expanded into one amazing box set. Here's what we think of it:Ubre Blanca members Joel and Andy stop by and discuss their past and their most recent record "The Sadist" in this interview.Every Wednesday, we will be asking our each of our staff to highlight one track that they have been really jamming out to. This week we find a mix of anything from retrowave to dark ambient."I Spit On Your Grave 3" has Roxxi fuming, calling it "...a huge step backwards for women and horror."

Album of the Month OCTOBER 2015

"Well written, great lyrics, impressive sound and interesting tunes", this makes IAMX's new album 'Metanoia' our album of the month here on Brutal Resonance. Patrik truly loved it in his review and this album is worthy of your time.

Shout out to the German Old School EBM band Serpants and the Dark Ambient compilation The Earthen Siphon released by Kalpamantra.
September 2015

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