Learn more about the strangers behind Strvngers in this fresh interview!Der Blaue Reiter's "Fragments of Life, Love & War" is a hypnotizing martial/neo-classical album focused on delivering a thematic, Heroic tragedy inspired sound.We've started a YouTube channel where we will be reviewing physical CDs, vinyl, cassettes, and more! Check out our very first review of Venal Flesh's limited edition boxset of "Worshiping at the Altar of Artifice"!After watching a throwback slasher film they scored, we got an interview with synthwave producers Night Runner! Check it out!With a glorious retro 80s vibe and gorgeous chords on both Maria Joaquin's and Kyle Craig's part, this is Strvngers.31 is a "...morbid, energetic grindhouse thrill ride with plenty of chainsaws, boobs, and Hitler midgets." Check out our full thoughts on the latest Rob Zombie directed horror now!Rave the Reqviem's "The Gospel of Nil" is a combination of amazing melodic industrial metal and electronics with wonderful guest appearances.From pioneers in the industrial metal scene to generic rock band, 16 Volt's new album "The Negative Space" disappoints.

Album of the Month SEPTEMBER 2016

This should not come as a surprise that Rave The Reqviem's "The Gospel of Nil" scored our honorary Album of the Month award. With tons and tons of talent on the album, the melodic industrial metal group garnered a 9 out of 10 with their second album and now they can add this little award to their list of achievements.
August 2016

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