Brutal Resonance Patrik Lindström 2009-04-01 Gunntorp 232, Nygård, Sweden Webzine for the new Industrial and Electronic generation - honest and fair, innovating and well-loved

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MOAAN EXIS - 'Transcendence'

Industrial Hardcore, Techno
Review, Nov 17 2017

Empathy Test - 'Safe From Harm | Losing Touch'

Electropop, New Wave
Review, Nov 14 2017

Neoslave - 'From Womb To Doom'

Review, Nov 14 2017

Shad Shadows - 'MINIVIEW: Fix EP'

Darkwave, Synthpop
Review, Nov 14 2017

Isserley - 'S A D P O S T I N G 悲しい転記'

Witch House, Dubstep
Review, Nov 06 2017

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Horskh - 'Gate'

Electro-Industrial, EBM
Rated 9.0/10, May 27 2017

Omiqron6 - 'A New Kind of Lightning'

Rated 6.5/10, May 26 2017

Ships In The Night - 'Myriologues'

Darkpop, Witch House
Rated 9.0/10, May 25 2017

PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - 'Through the Astral Cold'

Harsh EBM, Dark Electro
Rated 8.5/10, May 24 2017

She Pleasures Herself - 'Fetish'

New Wave, Darkwave
Rated 7.0/10, May 22 2017

Shortly about us

Started in spring 2009, Brutal Resonance quickly grew from a Swedish based netzine into an established International zine of the highest standard.

We cover genres like Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Darkwave, Noise and all their sub- and similar genres.

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