If #13 was not on our list, we probably would have been exiled At position #14, we find v's instead of u's.We've featured Citizen 16 twice before on the site, and now with the goals of opening a venue/club, we got the chance to talk to founder of the band, Wolf Neve, discussing both the act and his ideas for the new venue.A lot of people will feel fabulous envy for our #16!On #17 you find a release which explains what you have left when you leave your dentist.Let's get our asses whipped by some heavy Death Industrial at #18! We leave the 20's and at #19, we find some Rhythmic Noise!Newcomer Russian project suizidality has crafted one of the most deranged and disturbing releases that Steve says, "...rendered one serious and Hell-bent twenty-six minute ride through a nightmarish inferno."

Album of the Month NOVEMBER 2014

In the middle of our Album of the Year countdown, we toss in our Album of the Month for November. Valhall have had their ups and downs in our reviews on the site, but with 'Leaning on Shadows', the magic dark place was found and we all want to stay there forever.

Let's not forget our long running In Slaughter Natives as our contender for the spot this month. Will we see any of them, or both of them, in our Album of the Year countdown later this month?
October 2014

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