With Steve following AnalogueTrash's steady stream of releases, he got an interview with one half of the team behind the label, Adrian Thompson. Berlin based producer and DJ Simon Hayes' project Swarm Intelligence unleashes "Faction", crafting a destructive rhythmic noise approach. W.A.S.T.E.'s "Warlord Mentality" boasts a kickass rhythmic noise anthem that will rock your playlist for quite some time. James and Tiffany from the sensational rock-pop outfit Fire Tiger gave us some of their spare time to discuss their roots as a band and their debut album, "Energy".From the hands of the mystical VALHALL, "Leaning on Shadows" provides another powerful occult experience, providing new material to add to their already substantial musical output. VALHALL is back with "Leaning on Shadows", but before we get the review in, Steve had a quick ten question sit down with the witch house duo about their latest album. We gave out an interview to our very own Pieter Winkelaar, who is better known for crafting the music of The Peoples Republic of Europe. Baph Tripp, the solo meister behind X.A.O.S., gives us the dirt on his forthcoming album, as well as diving back into history of the project.

Album of the Month OCTOBER 2014

We have the strange occurrence where we have no contenders, but we have a tie between to very different releases, but equal in greatness.

On one hand, we have the debut EP from the Brooklyn based Aeon Rings and on the other hand, we the Australian dark electro act Shiv-R.

And this really sum up what Brutal Resonance is all about, a wide range of electronic music for everyone. This year's Album of the Year countdown is closing in, I can't wait.
September 2014

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