Find out and uncover the secrets behind Spatial Relation in this interview.Growing in popularity and becoming a local sensation, we talk to Infy Snow about her debut album, history, and more.A good horror remake? That is what is found when approaching Jim Mickle's "We Are What We Are", and his bold re-imagination of the original Spanish film is more than worthwhile.Steve dives into "The Loved Ones", a 2009 sleeper horror hit that combines "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and "Carrie" into one wholesome product.Renee Cooper is back as Zombie Girl and she's packing as much undead attitude as ever with "Killer Queen".Federico Ágreda, AKA Zardonic, talks with us about his background as a producer, his recent happenings, and his brand, spanking new album "Antihero".Dimitri gets lost in a dehumanized and despotic society that could be only created by sonic wizard Simon Heath recording under the Atrium Carceri name.We got to talk with Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence regarding the long-awaited

Album of the Month SEPTEMBER 2015

Zombie Girl is one of Alfa-Matrix most successful artists and managed to charm Steven enough for him to give the album 'Killer Queen' a blasting 8.5 score. "O Canada! Our home and native land!"

Also a shout out to our contenders kFactor from Brazil and Swedish Atrium Carceri.
August 2015

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