Gnawed's "Feign and Cloak" debut on Malignant Records leaves Andew in a Heaven of power electronics. The anonymous hidden Le Seul Element's debut album "Meradiam" is astonishing and narratively driven through possible code and amazing piano work. Whale Fall's instrumental soundscapes holds hands with an old west feel in "The Madrean". GoFight's absurd humor and uplifting themes shine brightly on their latest album, "Napalm Baby". Sir Cadian Rhythm's debut EP impresses Layla enough to give the act an 8.5 out of 10. iVardensphere's latest album "Fable" molds another fascinating tribal-industrial playground of gorgeous sounds and collaborations.We got the chance to sit down and talk with Bret of Blue Stahli regarding his latest single featuring Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies, as well as his upcoming album, "The Devil". We welcome to the site Layla, who brings out a very positive review of RxGF's "Any Other Way".

Album of the Month FEBRUARY 2015

For the Album of the Month of February 2015, we find us focusing on the more experimental side of the genres we cover. The winner is the Martial Industrial/Neo-Classic masterpiece from Swedish Arditi that blew our new writer Jeremiah away.

He wrote in his review: "... Arditi have once again created a fantastic collection of tracks that remind us of the richness of the human spirit, and the limitless potential for mankind to fuel its political ambitions with unbreakable and terrifying willpower."
January 2015

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