What does a VHS programmed to combat human mind control have to say for its own music? A lot, actually. Check out our interview with the delicious synthwave artist VHS Glitch.Roxxi praises this new horror film for it's originality. But, don't worry for there are no spoilers here.Ghost Twin have released a music video for their epic song 'Here We Are In The Night'.Pretty Addicted has released their debut music video and it's as psychotic as they are:This early review of Parasite of God's "Outcasts and Freaks" is absolutely positive. Meaning you should get your ass in gear and start listening to this Swedish harsh electro project.We look back at 2015 as we count down our Top 25 Releases of the previous year.Bereshit's Official Video for 'Voodoo' is here.Nao Katafuchi's "Emergence" is a gorgeous blend of minimal synth and post-punk beats:

Album of the Month DECEMBER 2015

As cold and dark the nights are of the Wintry month of December, Thaw's "St. Phenome Alley" was able to match the ferocity of those frostbitten nights. This is exactly why the Black Metal/Experimental band's album won our revered album of the month for December. Settle down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and hate whilst listening to this album.
November 2015

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