Layla brings us to the West Coast D'n'B scene, homing in on E-Sassin's remix album under his label Sound Sphere Recordings.Stefan Netschio of Beborn Beton talks to us of their new, long awaited album, "A Worthy Compensation".Obszön Geschöpf's "VAULT OF NIGHTMARES" isn't just an album, it's an entire package full of cult and classic horror enthusiasm.Just like always, Mr. Kitty makes Patrik all giggly and warm on the inside. His new album 'Fragments' is no exception.Roxxi dives into the experimental art-house horror of "Applecart", and comes out quite pleased with the anthology.The Unravelling are poised to become the industrial/metal hybrid juggernaut they began to cultivate in 2010 and 2011 with "Tear A Hole In The Collective Vision"Fredrik Croona of Cynical Existence stops by the site and discusses his new album released by Alfa Matrix, "We Are The Violence".With a new name and a more refined sound, Matthew Addams has created a dominating rhythmic/powernoise complex under Dark Machine Nation.

Album of the Month AUGUST 2015

On our album of the month for August, there's a wide spread of genres represented. Mr. Kitty continues his tour of awesome synthpop/new wave and as usual when he releases something, he's right on top of our Album of the Month charts. It's a little freakish to be honest.

We also have some great Old School EBM from Swedish Astma and hard pounding Industrial Metal from French Obszön Geschöpf. Brutal Resonance is surely for all tastes within the alternative electronic music scene.
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