Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer

Various Artists

Electro, Synthpop
Released 2010 by Metropolis Records

'Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer' is various artists compilation with both more known and some less known artists. What they all have in common is that the money this album will generate will go straight to research for curing cancer. The total number of tracks will be 83, but we sadly only got 17 of those on this sampler.

This compilation has a great mix of different styles of electro music on it. There is everything from synthpop to industrial metal. The first track is some weird hip hop track and I don't really like it at all, it's monotone and doesn't offer anything interesting and mind you that I don't like hip-hop so that could be it. Luckily the second track is A LOT better and it's called "Never say farewell" by the group Interface this is a very melodic futurepop track with a catchy chorus. This is follow by "Things Unkind" by 16Volt which is a toned down industrial metal track which reminds me a bit of Nine Inch Nails. I could go on and on and explain all tracks but then this review would be three pages long.

I will summarize it all instead. Out of 17 tracks I liked about 10 tracks. I feel that the tracks are too uneven because there are some really strong ones and some that aren't half as good. But it's for a good cause after all so of course I recommend people to get it to help support the cause to try curing cancer.

It's hard to put together a compilation where all tracks are good and where there are tracks that all people will enjoy, at least there is something for everyone. My biggest problem was that there are a lot of bands here I have never heard of and that might be big in the US but not in Europe.

26 Jan 2010

Fredrik Croona

Former Crew
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