Front Line Assembly

EBM, Industrial
Released 2013 by Metropolis Records

In true Front Line Assembly fashion, 'Echogenetic' will not disappoint ANY Front Line fan. FLA has always had a gift at adapting to current trends in music without selling their sound down the river. As a fan of industrial metal was hoping to get a little bit of 'Millennium' out of this album but, alas no heavy riffing on Echogenetic. No Guitar/ No Big Deal, I love the album more than most new releases, I've heard as of late. The great part about 'Echogenetic' is FLA shows that DUB WUB doesn't have to be nausiating, that's right Skrillex sit down and let Big Daddy Bill show you how it's done.

After the last release of AirMech by FLA (a game soundtrack) was somewhat out of character. A complete instrumental with elements of Noise Unit/Delerium/FLA rolled into one. Though 'AirMech' was successful (as a game soundtrack) and, beautifully composed, simply didn't feel like the FLA I was use to. FLA returns full throttle with 'Echogenetic'.

As I had mentioned Echogenetic has some VERY strong Dub influence in it. "Killing Grounds" felt a little Blue Man Group with the opening bass and a little and, a little Bassnectar with the Bass Drops, it is still in every way very Front Line. When Leeb and company do something they OWN it. There was nothing simply slapped together on this album. "Deadened" being more of a traditional FLA track hit the nail on the head and, drove it home as an instant hit. This ambitious release is a must have for fans of FLA.

European tour dates have been announced in Europe with Haujobb in support of the 'Echogenetic' album in August. For the American FLA fans keep your eyes peeled and, let's hope we see some US dates in support as well. Though fans have to wait until July 9th for the full release you can listen to 30 second clips from each of the tracks on If you don't want to tease yourself you can pre-order the album as well. Limited to 1000 Vinyl copies 'Echogenetic' is available at

Tags: noise unit (2), delerium (3), bill leeb (2), rhys fulber (3), front line assembly (10), fla (2).

25 Jun 2013

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