Having previously been heavily involved with the projects "Killswitch" and "HexRx", Taury Goforth is an individual who has managed to make his way onto most of our sound systems, realise it or not. Since teaming up with Vendetta Music (whose own brand of aggressive Industrial holds no quarter), he has previously released an eponymous full-length, and the "Horror" EP -a release which I quite frankly never fully recovered from.

With "The Lost", I aim to put to bed my hangover from the previous aural assault, and how better does one cure a hangover? Drink more!

It doesn't really take long for Taury to get his point across - the very first track is entitled "Prick". You can imagine the nature of the song, but allow me to sum it up for you. The vocals are semi-spoken, with a pedigree in Electro-Industrial that echoes some of our most important ancestors. Just like "Horror", this release features some 'buzzsaw' effects (I wish I was technical enough to relay the setup of them), but this album is a little slower on the burner than previous, and I'm reminded of early 90's era Ministry, coupled with FLA.

"aKiLLeR" brings us straight back to normal service, this is impatient, unchained, and purely carnal Industrial, and although I can't say it hasn't been heard before, there are no accusations one can direct towards Taury that carry a menacing agenda. If you listen to an act on Vendetta, or one called Dead Hand Projekt, you're already expecting it to be heavy and menacing, and although it's easy to make an artist guilty by association, Taury is the real deal.

"The Tired Will Fight" could be a song to rouse the troops, but to the more cynical of you, it's a great reflection on the Industrial scene as it stands these days. It's my pick for stand out track of the E.P, as it just carries a "Fuck you, I'll do what I want" attitude that there's no point challenging - Industrial to its very stem.

The final track is the crudely titled "Suck It Dry" - something which really shouldn't shock anyone by now, and is the most accessible track - it can be instantly enjoyed by anyone who's heard Skinny Puppy, Pig, Bile, (Isn't this all of us?) and even Machine Head (There's just potent reminders of their early energy and vitriol - don't shoot me).

Ultimately, this EP is yet another taster of what's to come, and the only thing Taury really needs to take away from this opinion is as follows :-

Album please.

16 Apr 2012

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