The Book


Electropop, Synthpop
Released 2013 by Conzoom Records

I'm always grateful to be able to present a debut album to you readers. It means that a new artist was born and he or she got something to tell us. I'm so pleased to announce the new release of Danijel Majcen, as known as "Dani'el" and his album called 'The Book'.

This Croatian musician has experienced a lot with different aspects of the music world, working in a studio producing for other artists all over the world and Daniel also studied music at a university. Before I start to review the album I wanted to tell you those aspect of Dani'el, to understand the artist, However, I don't want you to get bored having to read a biography to since it's available on his official sites.

About the album then, I'm going to try to not to be biased, because I really like it, but it's not all about personal preferences and I will do my best to be professional about it. To describe this release, I could say that is a typical electropop album with high quality sound with a lot of hard work in studio. It is noticeable in the structure of the songs, the melodies from the keyboards, percussion, synthesizer sequences and excellent vocals as well, with echoes and backing voices.

This album sound almost like Erasure or Pet shop Boys, with all the danceable and cheerful touches of the 80's, but putting current touches to the songs to achieve a modern electro pop album. It's a mix of vintage electropop with avant garde tendencies, so it is definitely a multi-generational album.

Perhaps you think it sounds a little like Felix Marc's solo career in the songs "Safe Extended" or "Only You". Those tracks has the same vocal tone of Felix Marc's voice performed with the same energy and strength as on the two albums of this German composer, who is know to the world to create powerful electronic music.

So, to make a final definition here at the end, I would say that this is a powerful electropop album, that contains the 80's essence mixed with all the modern aspects of musical influences and aesthetic content in a very interesting artistic way.

Tags: electropop (36), synthpop (134), electro (68), croatia (2).

29 Dec 2013

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"Algabal" is the true hit on this release, an amazing piece of music.
about 307 days ago
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01. Safe
02. Tell Me Why
03. Music
04. Sorry
05. Only You
06. Exordium
07. Algabal
08. Nothing 2 Regret
09. Passing Thru
10. It's Time
11. For A Friend
12. Safe (Extended)
13. Mark My Words (feat. PHNTM)